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Welcome to the Typism Skills Summit



Join ten  professional designers and letterers as they teach you their techniques and share their secrets. Over 80 videos breaking down a variety of skills.



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In January 2017, Typism Founder Dominique Falla went on a road trip up and down the east coast of Australia, filming a few of her type and lettering friends (and making some new ones along the way).

The idea for the summit came about because the Typism Conference happens in Australia every year, but as the Typism Online Community grew, it became clear that many type and lettering lovers from overseas couldn’t make it to the Conference Downunder, and so the idea for the Summit was born.

Most of the presenters you see here are past Typism speakers, and all of them are creative professionals who have forged an identity as an expert in a specific form or technique of lettering.

In a series of intimate videos, shot in the artist’s studios, we get to look over their shoulders as they show Dominique how they work. It’s like a personal masterclass with each artist.

Each video series contains:

An introduction to what is covered and a look at how students will benefit from taking the course


An in-depth look at the tools you will need to complete each module

Expert guidance and step-by-step videos with clear instructions

Video lessons, so you can take things at your own pace

Downloads and comprehensive worksheets

Delightful accents and a variety of native Australian flora and fauna make an appearance

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About the Summit

The full summit is ten artists teaching nine different classes. Each one has been released in an order which makes sense, in terms of skill levels and time, but each course can be taken independently and revisited time and time again.
The classes are not meant to be complete and finished projects, the summit is designed to help you develop a set of skills which can then be adapted and applied to your own finished lettering projects. Skills take time to develop and so you are encouraged to establish a daily lettering practice.
Copying finished projects is a good way for beginners to make a start, but if you are hoping to evolve as a lettering artist, you will need to push past copying and develop foundation skills upon which to build your own unique style.

Meet your Typism Tutors

Eliza Svikulis

Figuring out YOUR signature style

Matt Vergotis

Creating your Brush Pen Signature-style Logo

Wayne Thompson

Refining your Hand Lettering

Maria Montes

Introduction to Neuland Script

Libbi Reed

From Pointed Pen to Brush Pen

Carla Hackett and Barbara Enright

Brush Lettering for Lefties and Beginners

Brett Piva

Sign Writing Effects

Nikita Prokhorov

Create your own Ambigram

Aurelie Maron

Vectoring your Letter Forms

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